How To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset
James Altucher

I did not know you wrote this story James , before I started reading, but as I was reading I was like this sounds like Altucher. When the Mark Cuban comparison came in, I was like it has to be him.

Did you ever find it difficulty honing in on your one idea to execute? Reason I ask, because I seen this struggle with myself and many I have observed. The creative cognitive thought process clashes with the analytical. As an internal battle and keeps one from taking action, businesses are started and ended in the mind. Knowing that if one decent idea was followed through, some revenue potential is possible; but consistency in execution is destroyed in the yang-yang battle of the mind. Good mention of mitigating risk, by keeping a job, while building your business. I agree with this philosophy, but glad to hear from someone, who has made it to the promise land, that it can work.

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