NFT Photography Collection

Journey of Curiosity
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


‘Fundamental Frequency’ - Photography by Journey of Curiosity

NFT Photography collection, created completely by the physics of sound vibration. Making the invisible visible, where Art and Science intersect. NOT computer generated.


Light is reflected over a circular dish of water, and vibrated by a frequency, the surface of the water forms a standing-wave. The geometric pattern organically appears, and this is captured as a long exposure photograph.

This work reveals a fundamental story, a representation of the transformative flow from chaos to order. It is my intention that the viewer appreciates sound on a deeper level, while being brought into harmony with the musical nature of our world.


It is making the invisible, visible.

We all feel an enchantment toward music. It is embedded and entwined within the substance of who we are. I deeply believe that we have an urge to create music, because it helps us scaffold meaning through its patterns, while pulling us toward harmony and rhythm in the cycles of nature.

Mandalas are universal to the human psyche. We recognise them everywhere across time and culture, all the way to macro worlds of nature itself.

Notice how the mathematical ratios of these naturally forming Sound-Mandalas align with elements of sacred geometry.


  • Collector print — Option of 20x20” or 16x16” printed on Photographic Metallic paper. First collectors of each token are entitled to a physical print after 2 weeks of holding.
  • Properties — Various defined properties: N-fold Geometry, Resonant Frequency range, Musical Note + others.
  • Hidden Glyph — Each NFT has unique viewable content within the metadata of the token, which will link to the next collection in a special way.
  • Unique audio track — An audio file of the frequency and octaves of your cymatics photo is embedded within the token contract.
  • Each Cymatics photo NFT is a chance at an airdrop of a unique 1/1 video NFT (4 to be dropped)


Hey, I’m Jacob, a visual sound artist and photographer from New Zealand, based in Brisbane, Australia.

I have been exploring science-art behind the name of “Journey of curiosity” since 2017.

I have a deep belief in the power of music and sound to shape our physical and mental realities and beyond. This is what inspires my passion to bring sound vibrations into visual form.

With each of my Cymatic photos, I am exploring light and colour, in collaboration with the physics of sound resonance.

Through my dance with the physics of vibration my mission is to share the beauty of sound as art, and to remind how magical and interconnected everything truly is.

I view Cymatics as a form of alchemy, transforming matter, transforming ourselves. It hints at a deeper understanding of motion and form, and may even remind us — if we choose to see — that there is a song in everything.


A total of 24 Photos (1/1) and 4 Videos (1/1)

Released in waves of 6 photos.

After each release of 6 photos NFTs are collected, 1 of the video NFTs is randomly dropped to a holder of the collection.

This continues until all 24 photos are released.

0.11 ETH


First releases:

Next wave of 6 minting soon… Click HERE to be notified first!

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