#6 — Level Generator

The main goal of the group in the development of this game is to use strategies to make it more scalable, making certain tasks become more dynamic and quick to perform. To the level generator was no different, so we chose to use the Tiled.

The tilde is an editor for creating 2D maps. It is possible to create layers to draw the scene, set spawn points, collision points, among other functions.

One of the most important settings is the orientation, since it is here that will define the kind of scenario that will be built.

We use the orthogonal direction, which is the most used model for constructing 2D game platform.

By choosing this option, Tiled opens in an array, where the level design can be done.

Example of a built in level editor.

After the built level, the software gives us several options for export. We choose the option of exporting in JSON because this brings us all the information needed to create the level.

There are some frameworks that automate reading these Tiled files and create all nodes with textures in SpriteKit, but we chose to do this reading of the file and generate the level, because then we would have more freedom to customize the creation of levels.

Cristian Madrid (iOS Developer)