#8— Storyboard

In today's post we will introduce to you guys a little more about the story of our game.

Frame by frame! So, let's do this.

Frames 1–6
  1. The story is set in the future, where there is an artificial inteligente that controls everything.
  2. EXO is the evolution of IoT. EXO is in everywhere.
  3. So, everybody is connect for EXO and everybody respondes to EXO
  4. In this way, we don't need more politicians, they are replaced.
  5. And how the people think?
  6. EXO thinks for them. He supplies all the people needs. He is the best president and administrator that the world ever had.
Frames 1–6
  1. Secretly he is stealing the consciousness of people because he has an evil plan.
  2. He is stealing the memory and erasing the story of humanity. Nobody is knowing about.
  3. Except Dr. Bori.
  4. And it happens because in the past she was one of the scientists who helped create it.
  5. So, she starts to think what she can do to destroy EXO
  6. Then, she travel in time back to the time she created, but EXO was there to stop her.
Frame 1–5
  1. Dr. Bori finds a person to helps. Celina Lutz that works in EXO complex.
  2. So, Celina receives a technological glove.
  3. It helps her to travel in time and collect the memories.
  4. Because the way to destroy the influence of EXO will be collect memories and proving what he is doing.
  5. With the Dr. Bori helps, Celina begins her journey.
  6. And embarks on a journey through time.

And this is the story of our game, we hope you enjoy!

EXO teaches, EXO protects, EXO cares.

Elisa Leo (Product Owner) and Renato Britto (Illustrator)

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