Kanneliya Rainforest Sri Lanka

Kanneliya Rainforest is one of the most floristically rich areas in South Asia. It is situated in Galle district, exactly 40 km away from Galle city towards Northwest. This forest region is the last remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka, other than the Sinharaja Rainforest.

Out of Sri Lanka’s endemic flora and fauna varieties, concernable percentage belong to Kanneliya Rainforest reserve. 17% of lowland endemic floral species are confined to this area and 41 species of endemic fauna is found here. Of the 319 woody plants recorded in the Kanneliya forest reserve, about 52% are endemic. Kanneliya is home to over 220 known species of fauna; including 86 species of mammals, 36 species of snakes, and several species of avian life and fish. Amongst the bird species here; 26 birds are endemic with 20 of them only seen within this forest reserve.

Kanneliya Forest is one of the mind exhilarating place to visit among wild life reserves in Sri lanka . All you will hear in this forest is the birds chirping and the sound of flowing water of waterfalls. Not only that, but also this place holds dozens of beautiful sights to see. The key amongst these are four of them, Anagimale Falls, giant creeper, Narangas Ella & the giant Nevada tree.

Anagimale and Narangas are adorable compact waterfalls that fall several rocky slopes down, making pretty white bubbles which make a beautiful sight. The ancient twisted giant climbing plant which is almost the height of a person is one of the wonders of Kanneliya. There is a wooden observation platform made on a trunk for visitors to have a good look of Kanneliya from a height.

The best time to visit this forest is during December to February right after the rain, streams and waterfalls are in full flow. March to April is more suitable for hiking.

The Gin River and the Nilwala River are the main waterways of the Kannneliya Forest Reserve. Both of these charming rivers are pledged to supply enough water for the well-being of fauna, flora and living creatures in the forest all year round. There is no need to bring large water containers on your hiking trip to Kanneliya, because drinking water from streams is safe with no doubts. Believe former visitors; a quick sip of the forests’ following water is surprisingly cool and refreshing.

Kanneliya is a treat by nature, every step you keep ahead will please you with wonders. A trek through this forest is incomparable to any other, which nature lovers or adventurers should not be missed.