The choice. Make it.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when are in the middle of the road is to make a choice. The choice is the core that will define future You. The choice is simple. To give up or to move on.

Why is that the hardest thing to do when you are in the middle of the road? Why coming up with the need to chose? Why choosing?

Every single morning you wake up, you do stuff, you get tired and exhausted. You are getting morally damaged. You are losing faith. You are losing the meaning. The essence that keeps you moving. Sometimes you feel that you are moving the wrong direction, you lost your road and you are stuck in the middle of nothing.

In this very moment you encounter the choice that has to be made. It’s got to be made otherwise you fear remaining in the woods. The choice might seem to be simple, easy to answer. Of course, you’ve got to move on. You’ve got to keep up chasing, pursuing your goal. You’ve got to do it, because you are strong and you have to perform a little bit harder, to tighten your belt and move on.

But what if instead of winning you lose? What if instead of going further you have to slow down. What if you need to fail in order to gain? What if the choice is way harder than you have expected it to be? It happens that the way you have followed might not be the one which leads to the final destination. It happens that you might feel the need to make a stop, to pause and to take another turn. The way things happen is not always right. The things you are doing are not always right. This road might bring you somewhere, but it will not deliver you to the exact point of your destination. You might win the race, but still remain all alone with the loss.

Sometimes you have to make the choice. The hard and pretty harsh one. You have to decide whether to move on pursuing the wrong goals, but pretty achievable ones, or to step back and take up your train. That train might be shabby and dull, it might not impress you right away, it might cause you difficulties and inconveniences, you might even get losses. But at the same moment it might bring you to the place you have unconsciously bee nsearching for.

You might win the most valuable price — your devotion, your inner happiness, your fire will return to its owner, but you have to make the choice.
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