Trip to Jerusalem — The Real Deal!

What if the trip to Jerusalem becomes real?

Most of us must have played the famous parlor game ‘Trip to Jerusalem’ in our childhood (I sure did back in the day), in some of the parties, events, and celebrations we’ve attended to.

The Trip to Jerusalem game mechanics is simple, as a participant, you need to compete with other players until you’ll be the last one standing, and then get an item or a prize once you’ve won the game.

How about the “Real” Trip to Jerusalem? You’ll get an item, compete with other participants, and win a trip to Jerusalem (Israel).

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Living in a country where 85% of the population are Christians, some of our fellow Filipino’s have a strong desire to visit the Holy Land.

There are those few fortunate people who were able go to Holy Land because they have the means, but how about the majority?

Journey Spiritual Craft, is an exclusive distributor of Authentica, Holy Land products from Israel (aims to bring products legitimate from Holy Land to us Filipinos), runs their first anniversary promo that could bring a lucky winner to Israel.

To join the Journey Spiritual Craft’s Trip to Israel promo, a minimum purchase of Php799 of their products is to be made as well as instructions must be followed precisely.

Journey Spiritual Craft Trip To Israel Raffle Promo - Video

The winner will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Israel for two, along with many other perks such as visiting other tourist destinations in Israel aside from Holy Land.

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