You Decide How Far You’re Willing to Go

The power of choice and freedom is you get to decide how far you’re willing to go.

When given this great power people choose to go ‘not very far.’

They take a few steps and decide the path ahead is too long, too many idiots, too many obstacles, too many choices and forks in the road.

People think to themselves, “If I don’t go anywhere at least I know where I’m at. I’m stuck — but at least I know why I’m stuck.”

It’s comfortable to know where you stand. It’s comfortable to be OK with not going down a long winding path. Because 100% knowing is better than 99% knowing. The mind always searches for the most comfortable place to stand.

But ask yourself: when did ‘comfort’ get anybody anywhere in life? It’s playing life on the defense. It’s waiting. It’s letting people make moves on you rather than you making moves on them. Bad deals get made.

You decide how far your willing to go.