To Hold on to the Promise of Who You Are

When all has left me

And my hope seems lost

Alone in my thoughts on my darkest night

Those around me fade into the background

To me, ceasing to exist

Inside I feel as though I am unwillingly falling.

Fast and slow all at once

Slow because time seems to stop, leaving me oblivious

Unaware of my surroundings with the only place I can focus on being within

Take me back.

Take me back and take me there.

I want to be with you

Where you are what my heart’s eyes are fixed on.

Let mercy renewed with each break of dawn

Remind me of the grace that carries me through the deepest waters.

And may the song you sing over me be carried in the wind

That it may surround me;

And like a dandelions seed, blow me away.

Take away the seeds that brought me here

Though it hurts, come lets start anew

Set ablaze the passion that resides in the depths of my soul

Let it burn, consuming my whole being.

Beauty for ashes.

Show me that these words are not out of reach,

That their meaning is tangible

So real my heart skips a beat at hearing them

So real you take my hand leading me out of my darkest night.

And now, holding on to the promise of who you are,

That your words hold true

I smile a little knowing that this isn’t all there is

Knowing that you will come

You will like a dandelion’s seed, blow me away.

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