Peace of Mind: A note from 10 years ago for your future self 10 years from now

know what i miss?

i miss. sitting outside on my porch. watching. as the rain splattered onto the ground in violent gushes. and the wondrous sparks of lightning followed by the roaring boom of thunder.

as much as i hate rain, i couldn’t help but become mesmerized by the peace a thunderstorm brought me. out into the battle field where the sky raged against the earth.

and as i sat alone. crying. thinking. dreaming. contemplating. remembering.





i felt released from the world around me and in those moments, nothing mattered except for the wind blowing my hair and the occasional drops of rain on my face

10 years ago, would you have expected that you are who, what, where and how you are now?

what about 10 years from now?

and despite everything,

i’m happy