About my blog: An introduction

My name is Chloe Weller and I am currently at Bournemouth University completing the final year of my English (BA) degree. On this blog I plan to discuss and give opinion on journalism related topics — all sorts of topics, including social media, law, citizenship journalism and lots more.

I myself am a huge fan of social media, spending a large proportion of my days sifting through it. It is interesting to me to see how journalism is evolving along with the digital age and how much social media is having an impact on journalism today.

Social media is great for keeping up to date with your friends, but it also keeps us all engaged with what is going on in the world. Throughout this blog, I will be delving deeper into this interest, exploring the positives and negatives of how journalism has evolved.

If you enjoy what you’re reading or have any opinions to share, please leave comments! Also, if you’d like updates on when blog posts go live and other interesting articles, check out my Twitter @journo_chloe.