Community Manager at TezTech Labs

Jovan Smith
Nov 5 · 2 min read

TezTech Labs develops and maintains several different projects within the Tezos Ecosystem, including TezBox, eztz.js, Bakechain, Sona, Velos, fi, Rise of the Magni and more. Users will now have a viable tech support outlet moving forward.

Community Manager

After endorsements from within the Tezos Community, TezTech Labs decided to hire me as the Community Manager. It will be a pleasure to serve the Tezos Community in this capacity.

(It Just Makes Sense)

The roles and responsibilities of the Community Manager will be to setup and manage TezTech Labs online presence. In addition, I will provide tech support for users utilizing TezTech Labs products. These objectives have now been complete and are listed below.

List of Tez Tech Support Resources and Platforms

1. Telegram

TezTech Support |

2. Matrix/Riot Room

TezTech Support |

3. TezTech Labs’ Support Email Contacts

Users can expect replies for both support and general queries within 1 working day of submitting them. Please use the following contacts for all queries.

a. Support Queries —

b. General Queries —


As the Community Manager I’m tasked with managing TezTech Labs’ online presence and will also handle support requests. This uniformed approach is the most effective way for assisting users utilizing TezTech Labs products and services. Therefore it is encouraged that all users utilize these resources for their support and product needs.

Jovan Smith

Written by

Community Support Manager at TezTechLabs

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