Don’t be a Fuckboy — don’t, just don’t…
Joel Leon.

Is there a female counter part to this post? In life we stress equality, balance, and fairness. So it only makes sense to make one for the opposite, If you disagree you are inherently saying one gender is better than the other.

couple things I’d like clarity on if a woman threatens your safety it is completely justified to defend yourself. The argument where women are not to be harmed has no real defense.

The giving seat to a woman, Sure its very courteous to do, just as giving a homeless man a dollar, or just as holding the door for someone. It is nice to do, but at no point is it a obligation, unless it becomes an obligation for everyone. There is no way to quantify the amount of stress one gender takes on versus the other. It is demeaning to the other gender to say Men have more stress than women or vice versa. Seats are for comfort, giving your comfort for someone else is fine, Everyone deserves comfort, some more than others.. those who fit that description are called handicap or elderly. Saying men do not deserve to have this comfort is wrong. To give you an dilemma.. I could have sat down all day and am sitting on the train faced with a man who both work the same job, same hours , live the same lifestyle, just different gender, they are at the same stress level. who do I give the seat to and why?

*** Do note, its not that I don’t believe in doing these things its just that it can not be an obligation. Beliefs are beliefs

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