Jovan Hayre has Worked for Bellmarc Realty as an Intern

Jovan Hayre is a NY based professional who is passionate about the real estate industry. He is a diligent & dedicated person who devotes his time and efforts to achieve the goals & objectives he sets. Presently, his desire is to become a successful real estate professional, and is working very hard for that. He has good computer knowledge (proficient in MS Office), and excellent communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal). On asking what inspired him establish a career in the real estate industry, he said, “Building a career in real estate is not my desire since past a few years, but I am passionate to learn different things about this field since the age of 5. Till date, I have learned quite a lot about the real estate market, and am working dedicatedly to increase my knowledge of the industry.”

In June 2015, he joined Bellmarc Realty as an Intern, and worked there till September 2015. Bellmarc is a renowned real estate business based in Manhattan. It specializes in providing residential and commercial property sales and rental services. The history of the company dates back to 1979. It started business with a one-room office, and emerged as a leading player in the market. Today, it has five offices, and more than 350 real estate agents serving thousands of customers across the country and internationally as well. The company is committed to providing the customers with unparalleled services and has been listed at the top among other similar businesses in the region. Jovan Hayre is a team member of this company who is serving an array of duties — evaluating apartments, neighborhoods & buildings, selling & leasing properties, creating & updating marketing materials for both new & existing properties, etc.

In addition to a real estate professional, Jovan Hayre is also a true humanitarian who believes in charity work. He believes that there is no greater bliss than helping others. He supports the American Red Cross, an organization aimed at providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education across the United States of America. He says, “Supporting the charitable causes is the best way to give back to the society. I have always loved to make others happy, and also encourage others to donate money, clothes, and food to the poor and needy people. I have been associated with the Red Cross since February 2006.

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