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Evan Boland It was a waste of time because you didn’t come close to comprehending that I was providing a relevant example of what you were doing. Which is white knighting. Anytime that a white woman says that a black man did something, why is she immediately absolutely 100% correct? Why can’t it be that perhaps they were both wrong? Typically, white knights who usually just happen to be white males want to save the damsel in distress. For another example, look at the LaVar Ball story. The woman questioned his parenting skills on national tv several times so he treated her with EQUAL disrespect AFTER calling her a great journalist when she’s not talking about his personal life. But certain people don’t see it as equality, they see it as “we have to save the white woman from the scary black guy”. The guy you responded to simply labeled the woman in the same way that people like you labeled the man. And your reactions of saying that he had an agenda and sounded crazy applies to how it usually is for the black man. He seemed to be trolling for a reason but that went over your head. As I’ve said time and again, I don’t think that he should have hit her but accepting one narrative that has changed over one that has been more consistent is outlandish. And when you accept only one narrative as absolute while dismissing anybody that questions that narrative, you come off as the guy that’s saying I’m White I’m Right. My best friend’s who happen to be white had more of a problem with your comments than I did because they feel that it’s guys like you that invite so much negativity towards guys like them.