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I keep saying this over and over. There’s no evidence that suggest drafting a QB in the first round leads to greatness. Competent, Good, and Great QB’s have come from all rounds (sometimes even undrafted). There’s a lot of evidence that suggest that placing a young QB in situation where they aren’t likely to succeed leads to a bad return on investment (a la David Carr who got hit so much he started getting scared in the pocket). People saying that the Browns should draft a QB that they aren’t absolutely in love with are part of the reason why their QB’s fail. This draft is too deep at other positions. QB is probably actually the weakest position this year. Next year there will likely be a much better QB class. I just can’t think of any reason to draft a QB this season. As a Pats fan I remember when Bledsoe went down. When Brady took over, he had a lot to help him succeed. Good defense, quality WR’s. A good running game. The Browns could be patient and build those areas of the game up or they could do as you’re suggesting and simply Browns.

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