QB is hardly the weakest position in the draft this year, I think you’re being clouded by there not…
Paul D.

I strongly disagree. I’m not the type that looks at the most hyped prospect and then decides it’s poor. I’m looking at what teams are likely to take a chance on them and if those teams will place them in a position to succeed. So that includes looking at next year’s loaded QB class and this year’s depressed QB market full of a QB you could live with for a year. Next year’s class has five highly thought of QB’s, three that could legitimately potentially go #1 overall. That means that a lot of teams that would maybe take a chance this year will probably opt to not do so. This leads to fewer opportunities to land in a promising situation for these QB’s. Additionally, I personally think that Mahomes could have the best chance at success if put in the proper system and I’ve seen that echoed in some places but there’s not a clear-cut guy that you’d want to stake the next five or more seasons on unless you feel differently? QB’s will always come out with questions, but it’s been a while since so many have come out with this many questions.

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