Yeah… no. Sorry man but being a pastor doesn’t mean anything, especially if you are as vindictive…
Jacqueline Jahn

If winning was all it took for a winning culture Shaq and Kobe would’ve stayed together. Or other teammates that won in toxic cultures. I’m simply saying Jackson cultivated that culture and actually empowered the players to focus on developing based on fundamentals specific to their roles and to take control of their own careers. The players and owners have to go with party lines now… especially the owners who people were pissed at. Winning takes that away but go look up the assistant the owners forced on Jackson. He got fired at his next job for doing exactly what Jackson accused him of. But the narrative was spun that Jackson was hard to work with and paranoid. Wonder why?

I don’t disagree that Jackson would’ve held back the team offensively or in terms of rotation/personnel even though they grew as far as stats in both off and def each of his seasons as well as took giant leaps in player development. Jackson had an old school mentality. That doesn’t change how he laid the foundation and culture for Kerr to walk into. No coach wins a title that soon unless their taking over an amazing situation.

I think Kerr is a good coach that’s potentially great. I say that because he reminds me of Spoelstra who proved to be great this season when his team outpunched their weight. And because I think that at times Kerr actually now (very) slightly holds the team back. Peep the playoff run without him. The team played more free flowing offense and kept feeding the hot hand. Less sets and screens to run around which gave them more energy on D. Now peep when he came back. Thank God Klay came through because Kerr called a ton of sets for him that weren’t called before. The offense was more predictable. You could see the toll it took running screen set after screen set on defense. They had nearly the same margins but worked a lot harder to get there.

Look, I’m just saying you can say Kerr is a great coach who took them the next level. That doesn’t mean that you have to diminish what Jackson did in hindsight.

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