Totally agree on the inevitable media narratives about Lonzo, and it’s really unfortunate and also…
Sam Margolin

Thanksgiving McDaniels Sam Margolin I just wanted to offer a different perspective. And again this isn’t me saying that some of the stuff you’re saying is incorrect. I think that he approached the situation as a proud father and not as the guy managing his son’s business interests. I view you in the same way that I view my best friends (2 of 4 that happen to be white) which is to say that it’s worth the effort to discuss these issues for each of us to reach a better understanding.

I would listen to that to get the full story and even though the comments are typical of social media (harsh) they really do a great job of expressing the disconnect between what one group of people heard and what another group of people heard. I do genuinely appreciate that you took time to discuss this and at the end of the day there’s no reason why reasonable minds always have to agree.

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