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The Album: Production was amazing. Jay’s flow was off and on. Expectations were lowered because of Magna and I think that this won’t age gracefully. For a man that claimed he was too old for rap beef he had no problem insinuating and pushing towards a few “beefs”.

The Man: We can say Jay is a savvy business man but also acknowledge that many that have gotten into business with him end up hating him or just not f ing with him. Hence why nobody promoted Tidal outside of Kanye who got screwed.

Cultural Icon: I always suspected Jay of being jealous of Kanye for how Ye affected the culture. Kanye made guys like J Cole and Kendrick becoming superstars for being themselves possible. Kanye started the fashion influencer trend and made it the norm to use rap as your way to get your foot in the door but not your end goal. Jay shouts of Playboi Carti in such a transparent move to try to connect with a younger audience for sales. Ye actually gives these young artists careers or bumps their career paths up.

He leaves a complicated legacy as somebody that we hold up in the culture but as somebody who’s viewed himself as being above the culture for a while now.

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