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Writing is easy to do, but very hard to do well. This is especially true when writing in the marketing world. Regardless, writing is important. I dare say it’s the most important part of any business strategy these days.

Whether it be an email, blog post, white paper or even a tweet, writing is usually the first impression that a potential client can have of a company. Therefore we, the writers have a huge amount of say in how a client feels about that company.

When all of the hard work has…

Health Information Technology

Medicaid Management Information Systems are looking toward the future.

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With the onset of COVID-19, there has been a serious resurgence in the need for programmers with knowledge of the COBOL language. This is because many of the state’s legacy systems are crumbling under the sudden increase in pressure and are requiring changes to the existing programs.

If we’re being honest, some of the difficulty that state systems are currently facing are hardly the fault of the disease. Over the last two decades, there has been a growing need for a technical refresh in the way healthcare subsidies are monitored and processed. …


A Close Look at The Top 28 Grossing Players of All Time

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The Challenge Season 34: War of the Worlds 2 kicks off on August 28th with promises of even more gruelling challenges and cunning schemes as players kick and crawl their way to the top.

Indeed, when we last left off on Season 33, our Turkish Superman Turbo (Turabi Çamkıran), emerged victorious after a brutal, yet keenly contested final — ultimately raking in a whopping 750,000. Fellow newcomer, Theo Campbell, placed 2nd as the last man standing from the British Alliance while Challenge vet Wes Bergmann came trudging in at 3rd.


There is loads of history in 33 seasons of action…




Using Logistic Regression to understand the factors that would influence a client to subscribe to a term deposit by phone call.

Real-world data was collected from a Portuguese marketing campaign related with bank deposit subscription. The business goal is to find a model that can explain success of a contact, i.e. if the client subscribes the deposit. Such a model can increase campaign efficiency by identifying the main characteristics that affect success, helping in a better management of the available resources (e.g. human effort, phone calls, time) and selection of a high quality and affordable set of potential buying customers. — copied from original paper

The dataset encompasses 3 main groups of features:

  • Demographic Information — age, job, marital, education, default…

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Non-Profit Organizations May Benefit Most From the New Technology

A big part of the hype surrounding blockchain was inspired by it’s most popular application in the form of bitcoin. However, we have come to appreciate that this new technology might go a long way in redefining how we interact with charitable organizations. Furthermore, credit unions are using the technology to formally establish digital identity to enhance the security of their members’ personal information.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a specific type of distributed ledger technology. This means that transactions are recorded simultaneously across participants in a network in such a way that all relevant information is stored in blocks and linked…

Shouldn’t Apple be able to set the rules of it’s own app store?

The thing that makes a great company great is the presence of a perpetual hunger that never allows it to settle. It is constantly on the go for greater innovation to maintain the edge that secured that top spot and in doing so it is continually undergoing a process of reinvention and reimagination.

There isn’t a company that more clearly illustrates this hunger for greatness than those that make up GAFA.

As GAFA has shown us though, sometimes just a simple tweak to the business model is all that’s required to inject new momentum into company growth.

In particular, Apple…

Rudimentary ML

The most intuitive ML model

Sometimes in data science you find yourself picking up a missile launcher in order to kill a mere ant.

In this case though, we are going to be discussing what is probably the most intuitive machine learning algorithm. Do not be fooled however, in spite of its simplicity, the kNN algorithm could still be extremely effective in some instances.

Some quick notes:

Firstly, kNN is a non-parametric algorithm — this means that it doesn’t assume that your data follows any particular distribution. …

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Oh how I recall that fateful day when the cattle drive swept me into watching the unsettling pilot episode of the Netflix Series — Black Mirror.

Indeed, I was scarred. Never had I thought that such a vile act would make it’s way into relatively mainstream television. Worse yet, was the fact that it had been incorporated in such a natural and explainable fashion that it had almost felt like I was watching some grim news story.

Just picture it:

All of the nation’s electronics have been hacked and locked to the view of one traumatic live stream starring the…

Tossing and turning and churning every thought in the world at 3am again….nice.

You know what I mean — to be so wrapped in the day’s befuddle and so absorbed by the worries of the future that you can’t help but think think think.

What’s worse is that you know there’s nothing that you can do in that moment to change the things that you’re so worried about — but we worry anyways.

And why wouldn’t we?

Rent is due. Deadlines are coming up. Stress is everywhere.

But here’s one helpful thought that I’m sure you’re all but tired of…

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