5 Reasons Why I Hate Writing Until..

1. I hate grammar nazis

So I joined this journalism contest and I’m really confident of my entry because my headline is killer. When the winner was announced, the judge didn’t mention my name (because I lost, obviously). But she approached me and said “You should have won, you lost because of your grammatical errors.” Bam! Slap! Kapoosh!

From then on, I lived hating grammar nazis.

I committed myself not to write again until I realized that your weakness should not be the reason for your failure.

Go ahead and improve it.

Now, I am not afraid to face the grammar nazis, especially the one reading this who will go over twice to look for mistakes and shoot me in the head (ehem!).

2. I am afraid of comments

My ideas are weird and wild but wonderful. Others love them, some hate them- just like this mean girl who quoted me on twitter right after class.

So what’s wrong with quoting me and tweeting it? I’m afraid that people that can’t relate to my point, get offended.


Until I took the Red Pill (Insert Matrix sound track here) and
shout with all of my heart- I don’t care who you are and what you think of me
because I don’t give a damn.

I Stopped being a KISS-ASS and start being KICK-ASS.

3. I can’t make it perfect

Maybe you heard the word- Perfectionist Paralysis. It a state of mind where you choose not to do it if you can’t make it perfect. So that is my disease and writing this post is part of my treatment.

This disease is not as deadly as cancer but could cause you serious regrets for every opportunity you missed because you didn’t make a move.

I’m afraid to start something new until I learned that Fear masks itself as procrastination which leads to missed opportunity.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” -Mark Zuckerberg

I took the risk and start to learn how to write.

4. I don’t know if you will ‘like’ it

You know why we love Facebook? Because we want to attract attention and acknowledgement from the people. Don’t deny that everytime you post a sexy pic and get 50 likes, your smile is 5 miles long.

I have that inhibitions that people might not like my post,
until I realized that I can’t please everybody.

There will always be haters gossiping behind your back like flies on the poop.

I drop the EGO and keep my ideas flowing in your computer screen. We all have that AWESOMENESS hidden in ourselves, that everybody wants to see. Show them what we got!

Follow me in Medium if you think I’m Awesome.

5. I don’t want to be trending.

I’m the type of person who stays away from the spot light. I am a think tank that people go to for advice, and they are able to execute my plans.

Most of the time, my ideas work but for those who followed my advice and failed- my ideas are worthless if not implemented well.

I hate the spot light until I realized that fame equates to authority.

Having a sense of authority in your niche will earn you trust. Then you will start building your tribe who loves you.

Why I stop hating- and start writing

Because I want my awesomeness to reach Greenland and Tajikistan.

And for my friends, acquaintances, and wannabe friends who loved me the moment I start talking and blowing their minds with my outrageous ideas (like Dying in Mars with Elon Musk), I’m writing for you. This will save us time and coffee by following my post here in Medium.

If you are a great speaker, you have no excuse not to be a great writer. (Quote me and tweet it)