How the “creationism vs. evolutionary biology” debate robbed me of Christianity, helped me transition, and caused me to vaguely like the idea of god again

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A Young, Eager, and Cautious Young-Earth Creationist

And it’s something I’d regret for the rest of my life

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“Wait, do they make their houses out of the trash?” I asked.

“They sure do,” Pastor Steve* responded. “They don’t make much money because they spend all their time collecting water and begging for food. That’s why we’re here — to bring the good news of Jesus.”

“And to bring food, right?”

“Well, yes, the food is our way in.”

There was that phrase again, good news. It hadn’t always bothered me. I do like that phrase more than the misused word gospel. It’s a cleaner translation from its Greek roots: eu “good” + angelion “news” = evangelion.

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Because I’m terrified of sharing poems I write…

Even if you’ve never used any besides “straight”

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I realize that many of you may not actually use the word cisgender in normal conversations. I had never heard of the word until I came out as transgender. Even if you think there are no labels that apply to you, it’s important to understand why we use labels. So that should you hear someone joke about adding letters to the aLGBTbet soup, you can respond with: “Yeah, and it’s important that we do!”

I’ve readily labeled myself throughout most of my life. It gave me an outside sense of identity. This was a convenient means to ignore the internal…

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And that’s okay for a transgender woman to admit

“How old were you when you first knew you were a girl?”

“Like 24?”

You might expect most transgender people to give a different answer to that question. Until recently, I assumed that all transgender people had always known. The more transgender people I meet today, however, the more the complicated the answers seem.

Maybe I have, in some convoluted way, always known. I certainly felt something was off for most of my life. …

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Discovering Why We Celebrate Diversity

My purpose in this essay is to help non-transgender people (i.e., cisgender people) understand one of the “reasons” for transitioning. Please note that this is my simple explanation of a personal and diverse topic for many people. The human experience of gender is vast, emerging, and fascinating. I hope that my story will encourage others to explore and appreciate the diversity it is to be human.

Disclaimer for my LGBTQ+ family: Gender dysphoria is not a requirement to be transgender. Many transgender people do not experience gender dysphoria. Many people who experience gender dysphoria do not transition in the same…

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It’s not as comforting a response to me coming out as you might think.

When I came out as transgender to my friends and family on Facebook, I was met with support and an outpouring of love. In fact, I have been very privileged in my coming out story as I have not had any incitements of violence or anger. Mixed in with this love, though, I did receive veiled judgment and criticism.

I expected some of this. I graduated with a degree in biblical studies from a small, conservative college. I spent most of my life growing up within southern Christianity. I attended a private high school and went to church three times…

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Religious Trauma Therapy, Queer Clinical Sexology and Research, Trans Shit,

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