The Multiverse Premise

We legacy of exploding stars

I like to think the multiverse premise is true

A quantum space just me and you

And if this theory proved to be bona fide

I imagine it to be the utopian milieu of where I peacefully died

Maybe there we can finally coexist

Amidst a blurry blender of nonexistence

Someday we’d see right outside the clouds awaits mirrors of ourselves

They’re distorted, maybe that’s what makes them perfect than our material selves

In that universe where I was never born

In that universe where you and I were never torn

A blurred beguiling hurricane of a dream

Would swallow us in an august bedazzling realm

And there perhaps I’d learn to love my brother

Be a sanguine, passionate lady just like mother

Or discover the illustriousness of self acceptance

Finally laugh, smile and dance in abundance

Within that timeless symphony of distortion and desire

I’d realize there’s more to the spontaneity of our souls I aspire

This cosmic hollow which will cease to rotate

The world where only beauty matters and us will segregate