Little Steps to Help Yourself Out from Your Own Pit

If we are watching How I Met Your Mother from season 8 titled “The Final Page: Part One”, we are going to see how the casts struggling with their own problems. At first, they were point it out their fingers to someone else but in the end, they are finally realized that actually those problems were came from inside themselves.

“Are you standing in your own pit right now?”

Well, let me tell you something. Nobody is going to help you but yourself. Nobody is thinking about your flaws as much as you do. So now, if you are currently in state of sorrow and dark place. It’s time for you to build that rope and hop on into the lights.

Time is irreverseable. Time is always ticking. Time waits for no one.

When you are in problem, first thing that you have to do is to know what you want. Maybe you are in problems that you hardly find the answer. Maybe it’s time to change your perspective, because it might have that you already found the answer, but you just don’t want to admit or accept the bitter fact so, you are keep looking to something else. Wake up! If you are still clinging into that ‘something’ maybe it is important for you. Ask for that. Then for the last time, if you don’t get that, it’s time to let go. This phase can also called as denial phase.

Secondly, try to accept the bitter truth. Give yourself a little moment to grief. Don’t be too long, one day is enough to cry over something. 
I know some people are standing still in this phase. They are stopping from moment. The world is not revolving anymore. You just want to lay in your bed all day and sleep away from your problems. This is the pit.

How to get out from of it? It’s simple.
Keep moving.

No matter how hard it is for you, no matter how hard the gravitation in bed pulling you in tells you to sleep and get away from the problems, keep moving on. Do something. Help your mom with dishes. Clean your room. Rearrange your books. Walk 10,000 steps a day. Get a hair cut. Repaint your room. Change the way you dressed up. Clean your caches & cookies. Rearrange your shoes. Learn new languange. Do bungee jumping. Read something new. Gardening. Do something that you never do. Make yourself busy.

If you have done with pleasing yourself, it’s time to please someone else. Make yourself useful. I’ve read that people actually gain happiness from feeling useful for other people. No matter how little thing they do.

Do this for 21 days straight. People claimed that 21 days is time that person to form a new habit. You can make a to do list if you want to. Bunch of them. Enough to taking away your mind into things that doesn’t need your attention.

Kids, sometimes in life you’ll make a pit for someone in your mind but ultimately the only person in that pit is yourself…which means there’s only one person who can let you out of the pit. — Future Ted