I spent a day watching “Surviving R Kelly”

Dude’s duely cancelled.

Fairly speaking, the series was done in a very dramatic way that a good popular cable channel that specialise in reality TV knows how. Still, shit hits deep.

For those who have not heard, everything R Kelly has ever written in his songs were true. Dude’s a creep and he doesn’t even hide it. Age’s nothing but a number, and he did just that. If you still don’t believe it, listen to “I admit” on Soundcloud.

A series of mostly young women bravely come out and their stories on how he targeted them, “trained” them to be his sex slaves and made them obey while isolating them from their family. After the series was aired, a singer who was under his management, whose niece was the “pee girl”, released new music. And his ex wife, after telling the audience that R Kelly destroyed her family and didn’t pay child support, managed to go on social media to praises him for being a muscial genius and a reliable provider/father to the family.

Like, wtf.

With those two women casually cancelling out the trauma of these young girls like it’s another Tuesday, I wonder, it does exists something called an age fetishizing. Does it?

R Kelly was able to do what he’s doing until now, not only because he is R Kelly, but because of the culture where we don’t talk enough about teenagers being with adults, whether they’re some distant relatives or someone the teen meets outside the house.


  • teenage boys fantasizing about older women, teachers and MILFs. Female teachers sleep with underage boys because “they want it” and it was “consentual sex”. Fresh young boys are just flesh.
  • teenage girls are after older men thinking that they have taken their innocence and naiveté into account, that they’re different. Older men lurking around for something pure.

And it’s worse in Asia, where underage marriage is still a thing in rural areas and dating a (arguably) cooler, older guy is a thing that teenage girls seek to do in the cities.

But that’s for another piece I guess. Happy New Year!

One last look at the creep as a reminder to not letting your furture kids hanging around older men/women.