Questionable Sunday.

Have you ever feel like you were doing okay, then people suddenly tells you that it’s unfitting, that you have been doing it wrong, that it’s incorrect?

It basically sums up my Saturday night, following up with a stinking mood on a Sunday where that one particular star did its job.

Mood related question: Have you fellow females ever question why is it so hard to simply think of your terrible mood as your reaction towards a bad source, rather than putting it on your period, the nature of your gender or your contraceptive pills?

And, have you ever feel so motivated at the beginning of the day, then as the day goes by with the question above hardly discussed hence you being bothered, you see that lovely idea running towards the sunset without you?

If yes, then have you ever do something without a single lovely idea because you feel like you have to at least try to meet the deadline you set for yourself?

Yah. Just now.

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