To do list

  1. Goodbye to my second, my kryptonite. 
    My trust and patience parameters are touching the red bar. I’m officially out of love and fucks to give. Please, live well without me. There’s nothing left that I can possibly give you.
  2. Goodbye to my third. 
    The one whom I was wrong to be right with, the one thanks to whom I developed an invisible hate towards the land of the nicest people on Earth, the one I almost fell in love with. You were there and I was not ready. I was ready but you no longer cared. Thank you for letting me go.
  3. Goodbye to my first. 
    The one that I let go simply because I think if they wish leave, I’ll be better not holding on to them. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Goodbye to myself,
    the one who’s been pretty shite at goodbyes.
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