It’s All About You! Writing Your 30 Day Sadhana.

If you’ve made it through the last few posts, “What is a Personal Sadhana and Should We Try It?” and “My Personal 30 Day Sadhana,” then hopefully you’ve come back because you are ready to take the plunge and write a 30 day program for yourself. This post is all about you, and how you can ask yourself key questions designed to lead you toward some reasonable goal setting. We’ll also brainstorm a variety of activities that you can pick and choose from to add to your daily practice.

Remember, a sadhana is designed to assist you on your path to wellbeing and happiness, so there is no right or wrong way to approach it. The following questions are designed to help you think about your current state and how that relates to your desired future state. This may help you pick out some areas to focus on for your daily self-care practice, or sadhana. The questions are adapted from Sonic Yoga in New York City. This is by no mean a comprehensive list; if you interested in further learning I strongly recommend checking out the many workshops and programs available at Sonic Yoga’s website.

  • What does your body need to move forward in your yoga practice or other physical practice you may have (ie running, cross-fit, barre).
  • Do you have habits which may be hindering your personal well being (ie poor diet, poor sleep, too much stress, too much coffee)?
  • Where do you need to learn to accept and embrace any physical limitations you may have?
  • Do you have a practice of connecting with your breathe? That is, do you take notice of the quality of your breathing on a regular basis? Are there times when you notice you are holding your breathe, either at rest or with activity?
  • Do you have an interest in learning different breathing techniques which can powerfully impact your wellbeing?
  • What are the qualities of your thoughts on a daily basis? Are they critical to the self or others? Are you feeling you have enough creativity to carry out your daily activities? Do you feel your thoughts are serving you well or are they holding you back in anyway from achieving your goals?
  • Do you find moments of bliss and joy in the simple things on a regular basis? When was the last time you felt deeply joyful about something in your day (ie a meal, a sunset, a funny joke, a beautiful scenery)?
  • Do you currently have an inner-reflective practice, or spiritual practice (meditation, gratitude practice, creative outlet that connects you to yourself). Do you desire such a practice?
  • Do you currently have an experience of connecting with your own inner wisdom and intuition? Do you trust your own gut instincts or you frequently seek guidance outside of yourself?

These questions are meant to address the full person, mind, body, and spirit. As you work through them you may find there are areas which you would like to give more attention, while there are others which you feel to be intact and well. The next step is to brainstorm methods to address the areas you are interested in working with. Below is a table which lists a very limited number of possible activities to address your goals, organized by body, mind, and spirit. Please be aware that this list is simply a result of my own techniques and you will likely come up with many of your own wonderful ideas. Also please remember I am not an expert in this, I am simply bringing you along my own journey of learning. If you are interested in further reading, there are a large number of resources on the internet as well as books available easily on which can guide you further.

Some terms in this table may be unfamiliar, I have highlighted several and added a link for further reference.

Writing your sadhana is sort of like creating a recipe. You play around with a little of this and a little of that until you find a formula that resonates with you. It is a completely creative process, and what you are creating might just bring you a little more wellness and joy! I hope you have some fun with this.

Please send me a message or post comments here with your own unique ideas, and let us all know what the process is like for you.

Originally published at on March 6, 2017.

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