Jayla Whitfield: Project 3

The WMC Action 5 News station in Memphis, TN is home to award winning journalists that compete daily for an on-air position.
Behind the scenes at WMC there is multiple cameras and prompters that allow the show to be presented to their daily viewers.
Anchors that sit behind the news desk have multiple mics and use a mouse to guide their prompter while reading.
On air represents when the news station is in business and running. When the on air sign is highlighted the show is being broadcasted to viewers around the world.
Anchors rely on teleprompters to read the latest news provided and control the teleprompter with the touch of a mouse.
Kym Clark has spent the past 20 years at WMC; starting off as a reporter and now fulfilling the position as the main anchor for the morning shows.
Kym Clark sits behind the desk during the 10am morning news broadcast and shares the latest news with memphis civilians.
During the newscast Kym is in control of passing the script along to the weather an sports correspondents.
Kym Clark explained that she still gets nervous when she is on air because she knows it is an honor to do so.
Kym Clark is watched on channel 5 by thousands of people daily.
Ms. Neely works behind the scenes to ensure that Kym Clark is presented on TV in the best possible manner.
Kym’s passion for sharing stories with the world brings her happiness in the WMC action 5 newsroom.
The weather radar is used behind the scenes to track the latest weather updates.
Lights, camera, action! Behind the anchor chair reporters are faced with lights and pressure.
Kym leaves the newsroom knowing that being on air for the Memphis community is an honor.
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