A Ministry to Ministers

There is a woman, a member of our church, who apparently sees it as her calling to minister to ministers. When she joined our faith family some time ago we began to see an increase in little notes and cards sent to our homes. We would compare and talk among ourselves. There was a shock, a disbelief. Many people have encouraged us along the way, from time to time. She, however, seems to be doing this intentionally. It has made a lasting impact. At first, the staff would try to repay the kindness with kindness. We would write back, or say a special thank you. It became evident that we would not be able to match her efforts.

If you are in a church family and you are looking for a place to serve let me encourage you to consider taking on this role. It lifts up those who are lifting you up.

It gives people who are often treated as a commodity the encouragement they need to carry on.

Here’s a few pointers;

  1. Find out about your ministry staff. Get their birthdays, anniversaries, favorite Starbucks drink. Most ministers do not need a cruise, we just need a little ‘attaboy’.
  2. Encourage the family. My wife will get a handwritten card in the mail at our home. It let’s her know that she is not forgotten and that her role in my ministry is appreciated.
  3. Don’t forget the ‘staff’. The lead pastor is doted on. He has some privilege , no doubt about it. But the value of the Administrative Assistant, if your church has one, or the Worship Minister or the custodians can not be overstated.
  4. Simple works. I know you want to try to capture your appreciation and a new car would not even fully do that (well, maybe that would more than do it). But we light up with a simple $5 Starbucks card. One woman will regularly bring me a Peach Snapple Tea on Sunday mornings. It is a deep and special pick me up. Just a tea, means a great deal.

If you are already doing this, thank you. Ministers are normal people. We hear mean words and they cut deep. Your little note, special gift, sweet tea or home made banana pudding was something that ministered to my soul.

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