Right Before I Preach

In school, before a test, I would pray. I was nervous then but not nearly as nervous as I am before I preach. I study, I prepare but before I preach I get nervous. The butterflies, or whatever you want to call them.

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So this is what I would pray —

“God, I studied. I put effort into this and yet I realize that my work is nothing without your blessing. Take what I did and use it if you will. Be with my mind to remember what I studied. May whatever I earn make much of you. Amen.”

Today, I pray something very similar before I preach.

Then I say to myself — stand up, preach out, shut up and sit down.

The thing is this, it is not a performance it is a sermon. You don’t have to entertain, you just share what you have learned — what God had taught you. It helps me realign my goal and my calling.

What do you do to calm yourself down?

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