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Research, workout, or write down your thoughts each morning. Don’t check email, as that’s paying someone else.

Ten Things I Learned about Dubai the “Popup City”

I’ve collected some impressions about this young, world-class city which I recently was able to visit after decades of observing it from…

Liberals and Conservatives Both Love & Loathe the Collaborative Economy

By Jeremiah Owyang, Founder, Crowd Companies and Alan Webber, Government Insights Research Director, IDC,

Your Tech Startup Doesn’t Need to be in Silicon Valley.

By Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang, living in Silicon Valley since 1997.

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How Do I Write?

A collection of thoughts related to business, but pinning on themes related to marketing, psychology, society, and of course, nom nom cats.

I’ll post my thoughts on as a service. I’m an analyst.

Self-Driving Cars Disrupt the Crowd

Google and Uber are building self-driving cars, it’s rumored that Apple is going to be building self-driving cars, Tesla has launched driver-assistance…

JOMO: Joy of Missing Out

Do you have JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)?

This is a new term that cultural trend spotter Terry Young taught the executives and business leaders in a…

What It Means to Business When the Crowd Becomes a Company

The crowd is bypassing traditional companies by sharing goods, services, space, and money with each other in the Sharing…

Shhh... The Internet wants to Self-Destruct

Why do we want to self-destruct ourselves on the internet? Are you keeping a secret?

San Francisco Lingo Is Out of Control

Dear San Franciscans, this is a public rant.

Can you please stop making up shortened names of neighborhoods? At first abbreviated…

What I love about Sushi

Pic: Sushi Yasuda, NY. The raw King Salmon tasted like smoke.

I’m a self professed fan of Sushi. I love the art, science, flavor, experience, and…