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I love the clipped lines in this, it adds to the prevailing feeling of something not totally expressed, as if parts of the poem have also been lost in the machine.

Then again, to play devil’s advocate here and not to sound like an arsehole (I hope) , the verse “ where do words go when computers forget and memory fails?” to me could also read as “where do words go when computers forget” as a full line in iambic pentameter and followed by the line “and memory fails?” which could add to the feeling of missing something that is lost or deleted as it would bring a contrast to the previous rhythm . I don’t know. I’m interested in how the pentameter could be brought into modern relevance- what d’you think about it as a form for your contemporary poetry?

( again not trying to patronise at all just new to medium and trying to start some interesting discussions based on posts that i find interesting- like yours!)

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