This is one thing that anybody can do. Anyone of us who can read, can pick up a book and start reading. Rich and not so rich. Young and adult. School going and working. All can do it. It is so easy. It is all available. Still we don’t do it.
Read a book
Nitin Dangwal

so untrue! Many western ‘civilised’ countries such as the USA and the UK have huge issues with illiteracy in its children and adults. Reading is not a democratized activity, not until literacy is a universal skill and recognized human right - which is done through improved, free, mass education. And don’t even get me started on the lacking levels of cultural literacy on our society, which would allow you to understand fully what you are reading- which many people sadly lack through circumstances that our not their own fault — such as poverty and low social mobility in education and society. Claiming that reading is something anyone can do is really damaging as it fails to acknowledge wider issues like illiteracy !

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