Affirmations — if you speak it, you can believe it. I believe you can heal well, my friend!

Affirmations are one of my favorite tools. I used affirmations at the beginning of my healing journey. Today, I use them when I need to pause and examine how I am talking to myself about anything in my life, not just my husband’s past betrayals. I first started using affirmations as part of a meditation recording, I purchased that focused on anxiety. After that, I kept saying the same set of mediations to myself every day, which was beneficial. I felt calmer each time I said the affirmations.

Soon I realized I could create affirmations that targeted the betrayal trauma I was going through, my healing process, and what I wanted for myself. Memorizing affirmations, I wrote made it easier to say them to myself each day or when I needed them. I regularly said them to myself out loud in my car, in the bathroom, in the shower, before I went to bed, or the first thing when I woke up. I wrote them in my journal or said them to myself in the mirror. This tool was available to me 24 hours a day.

I believe repetition is the key to affirmations. Someone once told me you speak to “what is possible” when practicing affirmations. If you keep saying the same thing to yourself, eventually, you come to believe it. You must be consistent with yourself until you believe what you are saying to yourself. It’s hard to say, “I will get through this pain, I am strong, I will know peace and joy again.” One needs repetition when the pain you are experiencing feels like you have a wound that will never heal. Maybe you can’t sleep, constantly worry about the future, or ruminate about the offenses you are dealing with; if so, know the repetition will calm you down. You will start to see another chapter beyond the current one you are in, and the next chapter is where the possibilities lie.

Merriam Webster defines an affirmation as, The act of affirming and a positive assertion. The idea of affirmations is that they are POSITIVE, which is one of the reasons I like them so much. They help me imagine what is possible for myself even when I do not believe it. For example, I need to lose some weight, and I know it will not disappear overnight. Still, one of my current affirmations is I can make healthy eating choices for myself. This affirmation is realistic and motivating, giving me the power to make good food choices for myself. The affirmation doesn’t make me feel worse about myself. I already know I need to lose the weight, but the affirmation tells me, you have the power to create change for a better outcome.

I define affirmations as, Statements of self-love to validate what I am currently experiencing and what I want for the future in a spirit of gentleness to motivate and comfort myself on my healing journey. It’s not my girlfriends’, husband’s, or family’s responsibility to give me the nod of approval or disapproval to stir me in a specific direction. Instead, I want to believe God works through me as I write my affirmations. They will give me the gentle nod I need, which is self-affirming — What better person to hear motivating yet kind words from than yourself!

Click Affirmtions — if you speak it, you can believe it. I believe you can heal well, my friend! ( to continue reading.




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