Being Silent in a World So Loud

“Introvert, Retard, Weak, Self-conscious” are common words often used to describe silent people. Those who prefer to stay silent and keep a slight distance from the world for reasons you don’t know because simply they don’t want you to know. These people are often misunderstood and underrated. You’d think there’s some struggle going on within their souls that keeps them busy from interfering with the outer world, you’d think they are in mid of a chaos unable to make sense out of their lives or simply because they have low self esteem. You can judge them all you want but when the time comes and you envy them, you will realize that you can never be them.

The world as we know it had gone far beyond repair or shall I say the people of this world brought this to themselves? The world was simply a victim of human greed and ignorance. All the greatness, the miracles, the victories this earth had jotted down in its history had been abused and forgotten to feed the hunger of selfishness. This generation had reached a point where everyone’s busy with the emoji’s and self entertainment when walls are being built to separate cultures, when diseases are being created to spread the horror across the globe, when the so called terrorism is abducting every sense of logic in who created it and how it can be destroyed. Loud, extremely and painfully loud everything turned out to be. People chatting, officers shouting, comedians laughing, sirens calling, leaders demanding, followers patronizing, children crying, animals wailing, everything in continuous action. Non-stop. Getting Louder, and Louder and Louder.

So why being silent? You might ask when everything is so loud! And I’ll say why speaking when even the voice in such loudness wont be heard? Why joining the same crowd when you know shouting at one another, threatening one another, mocking one another and so on, wont make a difference? Wouldn’t it be a little better if you just take the opposite direction? When everyone’s heading towards the politics that will never be understood, or cleansed; Towards sarcasm and pitiful jokes that might make us cry while laughing; Towards the superficial deceiving virtual life and towards a world where people are too busy skimming their smartphones that they forget the cliff they’re heading to.

You can simply take the opposite direction, admire what has been left of this earth around you, see through your people, laugh at heartfelt moments, enjoy the greatness of lonesomeness, feed yourself with all that it takes to gain as much knowledge, free yourself from the commitments you’ve taken with your virtual life, appreciate the nature around you, respect every being as though it’s breathing through your soul until you find the right precise words, not just the chatter, but the meaningful powerful words to say.

“Courage, peacefulness, keen observation, wisdom, creativity, beauty and humanity” is all I see in those people. Every person who gives himself time of precious silence, if it was for a minute or two or an hour is a courageous person for being silent in a loud world means you have to deal with all the clutters and rubble of the daily life. Being silent doesn’t mean you lack the power to speak or the effectiveness in your words but it means that from all the chatter you’ve heard, you can bring order out of chaos with a simple sentence. The greatest men and women in history had been once the silent beings who observed, interpreted, understood, organized then with the right notes created the most delicate orchestra.

Enjoy the silence more often, even if you’ll be intruded from the world. I believe that only by stepping aside, taking a long breath and venturing in your own body and soul do you come to the realization that the world needs you somewhere, is screaming for you, calling out and waiting till when you are fully and completely ready.

You are in the world, and the world is in you. If only… everybody can feel it.
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