Road Trip

There’s that one moment when you walk steadily along the lane.

Without missing a stop sign or a bump or getting across the line.

You simply walk steadily, and evenly.

In that moment of serenity, the whole world crosses your mind.

The universe and all it’s sparks.

The shapes and sounds of music vibrating in your ears.

In that moment of serenity, you think of how life shaped your being and how not only did you shift but also blunted into being.

The world suddenly slows down, the people start drifting to almost non existence, the cars and horns slyly blow away with the breeze.

The world slows down but you keep walking.

You walk steadily but nervously.

The hefty step of your foot dragging one after the other exhausts you yet you walk.

The world as conjuring as it seemed to be, had frightened you to the cores but you keep walking.

Not the Johnny’s whiskey proud walk.

But the anxious rebellious stride.

You walk. Walk. Walk.

And no one tries to stop you.

No one dares grabbing your body motionless.

You walk,

On and on.

Because stopping in a world so eager to haunt you is petrifying.

Because stopping feels like standing on a slim sheet of ice on the deepest ocean.

Because stopping means having the world flash ghastly around you.

You walk.

And walk.

Because motion has a better way of describing what it really feels like letting go.

You Walk.

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