Creativity affects Rule-Breaking?

Apparently some studies show that people break or follow rules depending on some factors and mostly not because they feel like it or like the thrill and freedom as most would say. Some factors that majorly influence the decision of following or breaking are: Jobs and Ethics, Power and Creativity, and in teens more so than others, Peer Pressure and Psychology/Guilt.

Jobs and Ethics: Link 1 & 2
Power and Creativity: Link 1
Peer Pressure and Psychology: Link 1, 2, & 3

How Might We’s?

How might we counter peer pressure effectively?
How might we benefit from breaking rules without going overboard?
How might we justify our actions as ethical rule-breaking?
How might we create enough freedom for people without completely removing rules?
How might we change our behavior in groups for the better good?
How might we express how dangerous breaking some rules really is?
How might we discover loopholes in rules that help people to break them?
How might we help experience rush and power without disregarding rules?