With Julie Shah, owner of Heart and Soul Spa


An hour with the owner of Heart and Soul Spa, Closter, NJ

By Joya Dass

With my women’s movement, I spend alot of time supporting South Asian female owned small businesses, but not writing at length about it.

Yesterday, I got to spend an hour with Julie Shah, the owner of Heart and Soul Spa which caters to female clients only. Like many other women of South Asian origin that I meet, Julie led a successful life in corporate America before another calling pulled her in another direction. She spent years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Upon getting her advanced business degree, she realized a yen for the skincare business.

A handful of years later, Heart and Soul Spa is her newest venture, nestled in Closter, New Jersey, where we are hosting the January Manifest Party High Tea on the 23rd of this month. She came to my home to give me her customized facial. We turned my sectional couch into a table for her to work

Getting a facial in my home

her magic on me. We used my dining room table as a sort of lab, so she could whip up a range of potions to address a) the martini I had the night before b) the aging as I turned 43 last month. c) all the time I spend worshipping the sun come summer time. It was a blissful hour of massage, accupressure, and a little lesson in how different parts of our face correspond to different parts of our body.

How does the song go? “The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, / The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, / The ankle bone’s connected to the…”

The come-home service is part of the array of services she offers. Julie says she operates the business with alot of heart “What can I do for you?” She says, when a patron calls to tell her that she didn’t have a row with her teenage daughter that day because of Julie’s calming treatments, she deems it a win. “I lost my dad when I was 13 and my mom when I was 34. My daughter and my mom helped me find and start my spa-my true passion — “Heart” is my daughter and “Soul” is my mom. The mission of my business is to make women feel good about themselves, by taking away their stress and making them feel relaxed.”

She has bigger goals. She’s attending the Manifest party on January 23rd and wishes by 2018, to provide more of her spa services to schools in the U. S. and in India. “I firmly believe when girls/women are confident from the inside, their outlook on life and decision making skills are effective and superior on the outside. With my services, I am quietly empowering women to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, and be kind and generous to one another. We are all worthy of self love. This self love affords us the capacity to love other human beings.”

When I wrote my gratitude list yesterday, I was just so grateful for the gift of this facial yesterday. Thank you Julie!

Julie Shah, owner of Heart and Soul Spa, 106 Piermont Road, Closter NJ 07624

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