Funny Thing About that “Getting Paid” Thing

A story of one start up that wouldn’t pay

Rather rarely and unusually, I write this post.

Back on January 8th, I flew to San Francisco to conduct CEO interviews for an outfit called Small Cap Nation. It was my last bit of on-air freelance work before I shut down all my revenue streams and took a full time job. I’ve invoiced them for 4 days of work. I have yet to be paid in full. Every two days I send a reminder to CEO Hugh Austin. The response? “I’ll pay it by the end of this week.” or “Ill pay it tomorrow.”

Payment never comes.

Women make 80 cents on the dollar for every dollar earned by men. Women don’t speak up in the workplace for fear of being a pariah and ‘not being liked.’

Here is what I don’t like.

I’ve been running a small business for the last 5 years. The $2000 balance owed me isn’t suddenly going to magically appear.

We live in a world where the term “women’s empowerment” is thrown around as a cool part of the current zeitgeist. It’s a ‘cool’ word to accompany captions on social media. It sell tickets to events.

But you truly empower a woman — -or a man — — by paying them.