Friday, September 25th 6–8pm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10028

15 Fifteen elite women are hand picked from the LadyDrinks membership to join in this walk, led by docent Natalie DaVoe. We will engage in a private tour and talk about the Islamic Art in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Drinks on the rooftop of the Met afterwards, weather permitting. If raining, we head to the Mezzanine level for cocktails.

About the Islamic Art Collection:

The Museum’s collection of Islamic art ranges in date from the seventh to the nineteenth century. Its nearly twelve thousand objects reflect the great diversity and range of the cultural traditions of Islam, with works from as far westward as Spain and Morocco and as far eastward as Central Asia and India. Comprising sacred and secular objects, the collection reveals the mutual influence of artistic practices such as calligraphy, and the exchange of motifs such as vegetal ornament (the arabesque) and geometric patterning in both realms.

Although the Museum acquired some seals and jewelry from Islamic countries as early as 1874, and a number of Turkish textiles in 1879, it received its first major group of Islamic objects in 1891, as a bequest of Edward C. Moore. Since then, the collection has grown through gifts, bequests, and purchases, as well as through Museum-sponsored excavations at Nishapur, Iran, in 1935–39 and in 1947

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