LadyDrinks presents one female professional’s story each day in the lead up to the DEVI STORY LAB Thursday, June 23rd. Buy tix here.

Today, we feature Divya Sood, General Manager and Licensed Optician, Visionworks and author of “Nights Like This.”

June 23rd, LadyDrinks is hosting its marquee event for 2016, in conjunction with Paprika Productions. Six everyday South Asian professional women have agreed to undergo a 10-week workshop intensive to tell their stories live on stage at the PIT Theater in New York City Thursday, June 23rd. Each day, we have featured one South Asian woman’s story from the community. Today, Divya Sood, one of the DEVI STORY LAB participants, shares WHY ITS IMPORTANT FOR US AS SOUTH ASIAN WOMEN to be sharing our stories.

“We laud our daughters for their accomplishments, but we never delve into their personal struggles. We, as South Asian women, weren’t endowed with some magic gene for success. We weren’t endowed with some magic teflon so that failure or disappointment don’t touch us. Beautiful, capable South Asian women waste their lives because they are not allowed to fail. This is the perception that I wish change. I want young South Asian women to embrace their differences — -and their failures. Being fallible is not only acceptable, but it is character-building.

Storytellers are change makers. By sharing our truth, we are saying ‘no’ to the old repressed ways of living — and ‘yes’ to a liberated honest expression of our humanity. “

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