A Revolution Do-Over Is Required

Once upon a time, there was a land called New World. The men and women who lived there for hundreds of years didn’t call it that. They called it The Land, The Earth surface, Home, the Spirit Lands, and other names. Each tribe or nation had their own view, their own lands, their own government, their own people. When one tribe sought to take more than their share, which wasn’t very often, then they went to war to regain the balance. Balance always returned.

Vikings from Norway traveled to Iceland, Greenland, and what are now provinces of Canada, moved down the coast and settled for a while, but Odin and Thor weren’t happy and they had so much trouble with the strange land that they returned home. This was long before 1492 C.E., when Spain’s pirates (with royal letters of mark making them “privateers”) set sail to find other lands to conquer because they weren’t getting very far with England and France–and those two countries couldn’t stop warring with each other(and England with Scotland, Ireland, and Wales). So while they were busy, the pirates set sail. After a while, England, Portugal, and Italy joined them.
The mindset of these people was greed. Sure, some of them may have been honest folk, but the religion of these people told them that the world was theirs to conquer and anyone who wasn’t like them was sub-human, not worthy of their own lives, their own governments. They invaded Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

They murdered millions — people who already lived in the lands they invaded. Most murders were through direct action. Many died through indirect means, such as disease and starvation. Many people were forced into slavery–and slavery was an industry. An institution. To do away with it meant a loss of income and they would not stand for that.

By the early 1700s, many “colonists” in North America had murdered, enslaved, and stole lands from, the indigenous peoples. Many states south of Virginia refused to give up slavery, but since fighting men were needed, they were allowed to keep their slavery in return for joining the men who were determined to create a new nation.

There is an old adage that holds to be true: Wars of independence are always followed by civil wars. The reason is because the independence seekers are forced to accept compromises in order to win and those compromises are seeds that foment internal rebellion and self-destruction. Those compromises weren’t really compromises. They were ultimatums and guns to the head. In the case of the so-called United States of America, those compromises were about one thing: slavery. Or to put it more esoterically, Greed.
As the U.S. grew, greed killed off many more Indigenous Peoples and corralled the rest in ever-shrinking “sovereign” lands. AKA, reservations. When the U.S. government’s greed wanted more land, they violated their own word and stole it from the Native Americans. The “Indians” didn’t–and still don’t–have militias or armies or weapons, so their rights were run over, their people slaughtered. Meanwhile, the Indians’ sovereignty was thrown in their faces whenever they asked the U.S. government for money.

The U.S. government will steal your sovereign land (the Founders inserted eminent domain into the constitution so it isn’t even illegal — and for that, they should’ve been horse-whipped — so if you think “So what?”, retrain your brain and know that eminent domain is practiced by the rich and those rich pricks in the gov’t , and their sole reason: greed). The gov’t will deny you (in this case, ‘you’ means Native Americans) the means to live well on that land. It’s a catch-22, and purposely written that way in order to eventually kill you off and get the land “back”–land that was never theirs to begin with. All Native American land is surrounded by U.S. land. There is nowhere to go, no one to seek help from. Our Native American brothers and sisters are living on borrowed time.

Now, why have we white people put up with this?

Because we’re concerned with our own measly lives. We are concerned with making a living, having an income, feeding ourselves, housing ourselves, and clothing ourselves. Many of us are side-tracked with wanting more. Greed. But we never get it and there’s a reason:

Our government is run by an oligarchy, not a democracy, and it’s been that way from day one. The Founding Fathers were rich men, and although some of them died “poor”(Washington), they were still members of the gentry and given special status over so-called “simple” farmers and laborers. What is now referred to as “workers”, and that name has a slavery connotation to it — the GOP, Democrats, and Corporations don’t want workers to have any rights because it cuts into their greedy little hands. There’s an old name for that: Serfdoms.

And we’re well on our way to having that status again because of the disappearing Middle Class. Thank Nixon, Reagan, and our own goddamn bigotries and the willingness to be blind-sided, fooled, and shit upon. Who in their goddamn right mind thought “trickle-down” was great idea? Why were you so taken in by this bullshit? Are we mushrooms? Apparently. And stamp it on your foreheads.

We are peons. We are ruled by the rich. They don’t give quarter. They make us work for it while they reap the rewards that we should all share in and don’t.
When we try to bring balance, we are trod upon, lied to, and always forced to work against our own interests through means of parlor tricks, skullduggery, bald-faced lies, misdirection, and our own fucking prejudices. We’re so easily led by the nose, it’s sickening.

So America has limped along since the Civil War, grown little by little after WWI and WWII, and We the People allowed ourselves to conquered and indentured by our so-called leaders. We gave them power and they ran with it, building it up and up and up until we looked around and found there was an immense inequality.

And we wonder where it came from.

It came from us. We gave power to representatives–people who were elected to represent our interests. But we let them squander it away. We let them build their own fortunes while they robbed us of our own. They made promises and broke them.

Why are all politicians scorned? Because we know them to be liars. But WE *made them* politicians. Why are we suddenly scornful? Because we’re lazy good-for-nothing slackers, that’s why. We refuse to do the hard work of keeping them on their toes. We think, “Okay, you’re elected, now do a good job while I live my life.”

Except most of them won’t. They are in it for the money, not your welfare. In order to keep getting rich, they sell you lies. They take advantage of your beliefs, your bigotries, your prejudices, and in return, they’ll fuck you over so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Every election cycle, we choose people to represent us and believe them when they tell us what we need. We give up our rights to make our own choices by letting them make them for us. And to get there, they feed us lies. When they’ve won, in return for our loyalty, they sell us out to the highest bidder.

Why have we allowed that? Why have we buried our heads in the sand?
We’ve become so preoccupied with our own bigoted views, allowed the Us vs Them approach — which should have been outlawed once we passed the frickin’ stone age — that we have ignored the sickness that surrounds us. We have no power until we stand up and put a stop to it. We’re treated like peasants. We’re told who to hate, who to love, who give our blood to, and when to die. We’re told behave and be controlled. By police. By the military. By corruption.

We let this happen.

The entire system is corrupt. It isn’t just about who sits in the Oval Office. It’s about who sits in our state capitals and our local town councils and who provides law and order and for what purpose. It doesn’t matter if we go to church or synagogue or mosque. It no longer matters if we believe we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave. Because it’s a lie.

We have no control, no say in what happens to us. You hear the word “gerrymander” all the time but do you understand what it means? You hear the term “closed primary” and you don’t cry foul. Why? Do you understand what it means? I’ll help you out. It means only this: voter suppression. Those who are sick of the dems or the repubs or both would rather be considered an Independent. But. They (we) are *forced* to pick one because “closed primary” means no one outside that particular party may vote. And you sit there and blink and shrug and say “So what?” when you should be screaming to the high heavens, “Voter Suppression!”

Why do you accept such bullshit? Why?

Further, you have no say in what our leaders do to others outside our country. Our military and our genius has been turned over to people who have evil intentions. All for greed. All for power. America is no longer the land of opportunity or of freedom. It now stands for blood and horror. And if you say, “So what? They aren’t me,” you should be ashamed. And very worried.

Go anywhere outside the United States and you will find a country that has been screwed over by our politicians. You will find a country that has been threatened. You will find a country that has been bombed. You will find citizens who have been raped and murdered. And guess what? You will find the Same Thing Here. What do you think has been going on in rural towns? Why are certain southern states extremely poor when they shouldn’t be? It is an abomination for our “representatives” to live in luxury when their citizens do not.

For that matter, what do you think has been happening to Native Americans? They are fellow citizens, but they’re being treated like they’re the enemy? Have you been paying attention to what’s happening in North Dakota? What do you think will happen to you if you stand in the way of a massive corporation? A bunch of mercenaries hired by a governor?

Do you even care? Do you even have a soul?

We have to snap out of our force-fed bigotry. The only way out of this corruption we’ve allowed to happen is to start another revolution and that will only happen if we get involved. That will only happen if we sacrifice our peace, our comfort, and our apathy, and go after those who are selling our futures away. We can’t be complacent any more.