Life As a Blonde Asian Part I

I often get a lot of questions from people asking me about my hair.

“How did you get it so light?”

“Who does your hair?”

“How do you maintain your hair?”

“How come your hair hasn’t fallen out yet?

Most of the time I have to curb my urge to reply to these questions with sarcasm.

“Um, well we use a 30 volume developer with Olaplex mixed, bleach twice, and then we tone it with Loreal Richesse 10.2 toner?”

“Well, I work at a salon so my boss does my hair.”

“I shampoo, then double condition my hair, and then I use about 4 different products on my hair after I get out of the shower.”

“I’m actually half bald on the right side of my hair due to so much breakage..”

I decided to write a blog post answering some frequently asked questions about my hair just because I get so many questions on it. This will also be a two-part blog, this first part is on the process and my second posting is going to cover maintenance. It is not an easy thing being a blonde Asian, going from basically black hair to having silver blonde hair.

In most cases, it is a hair stylist’s worst nightmare if you walk into a salon with dark brown hair and tell them that you want to go platinum blonde. It is a lot of work, it will cost quite a bit of money, and will cause a lot of damage to your hair. I am a receptionist at Muse Hair salon in Vancouver, and this is what I tell most clients who come in wanting to go platinum. Generally, it is best to go in for a consultation with your stylist before you start the process to see if your hair is healthy enough to start the session. It might sound silly, but it is actually really intense stuff. After your stylist confirms that your hair is going to be healthy enough to survive the process, they will usually advise you to come in for multiple sessions for bleaching.

Bleaching your hair is definitely the worst part of the process. It smells awful, it does the most damage to your hair, and it burns like coal on your scalp. Because my hair is so dark, my stylist usually has to bleach it twice. After they bleach your hair, they will tone it with a violet based toner in order to cancel out any yellow or brassy undertones in your hair. If you think about it, the opposite colour of yellow on the colour wheel is purple so it neutralizes the brassy tones on your hair.

I would highly advise everyone to get the Olaplex treatment added into your bleach if your salon has the option. What it is is a bond multiplier that gets mixed into the bleach so that it coats your hair. The treatment is nice because it reduces the damage that bleach does to your hair so even though you are using such a strong process on your hair, it makes the overall procedure less damaging.

Be prepared that the session can cost anywhere from $200+ dollars EACH session depending on the salon you go to and how much product they use on your hair. The reason why a bleach out can cost so much money is because it is one of the most tedious tasks for a hair stylist to do. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and experience for your hair stylist to accomplish what you want to have done. Going platinum also takes a lot of commitment, you need to get your roots done every 4–6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. If you do not get your roots touché up within that time frame, banding could occur. Banding is a term that is used when your roots are too long and the bleach does not lighten your hair evenly, therefore causing an uneven tone between your roots and where the last session is applied. A trim will also be necessary to cut off all the lovely crispy ends off your hair every 6–8 weeks.

Hopefully, that was informative on the salon part of going blonde. Stay tuned for part two, where I will be talking about how I maintain my hair and what products I would recommend using for silver hair.