Scariest Traveling Experience With My Family

The scariest travel experience I’ve ever had was when I went to Prague with my family this year. Everything had gone smoothly until the third day.

The day started off normally, my family woke up in our rented apartment and gathered around the breakfast table. My mom, dad, brother and I sat around the table in our usual state of grogginess eating the croissants we had bought at a bakery from yesterday. The apartment was quite small and was not the nicest, but we settled for it after my mom found it up on the BNB website. When we first checked into the room, my brother and I exchanged glances. The room was according to my brother’s vocabulary, “Kinda ghetto”. But like I said, we deemed it as decent enough to stay in.

After finishing our breakfast, we started our adventure. We had already gone out the day before to explore the Prague transportation system and somewhat familiarized ourselves with the city. My family and I took the metro to Staroměstské which is also known as Old Town Square. We wondered around the city and explored different shops and took a million different selfies in front of different tourist attractions. Everything was fine until my dad looked down at his fanny pack and saw that it was open. He reached inside his bag and felt that all his cash was missing. Now, my dad is not the calmest person in my family so naturally when he saw this, he started (for a lack of better words) to lose his shit. After he had calm down a little bit, we tried to go on with our day. I mean, there really wasn’t much we could do, pickpocketing is such a common thing in Prague that it wouldn’t make a difference if we went and reported it to the police. However, my mom, brother and I could all tell that my dad just couldn’t let this go. He was clearly not enjoying himself, so we decided to go back to the apartment and call it a day.

All hell broke loose when we got back to the apartment. My dad became very suspicious of everyone we saw on the streets because of fear. He didn’t know who had reached into his bag while he wasn’t paying attention and so he became suspicious of everyone. He had thought that the owner of the BNB place we had rented could’ve had some sort of involvement with his pickpocketing incident. When we got back to the apartment my dad ordered us to do a thorough inspection and looked around to see if we could detect anything fishy. Upon this inspection, my dad had discovered that the chain lock on the inside of the apartment could be opened from outside. Now this scared the living hell out of me and my brother. The chain on the inside opens just wide enough that someone’s arm would be able to slip in and unlock it from outside.

That night, my dad and brother moved the couch in the living room to block the door just in case someone was to come in and do us any harm. We pushed tables and chairs, basically all the furniture that was available to us, towards blocking the door. My dad and brother stayed on the couch and they didn’t sleep the entire night. I don’t think anyone slept that entire night. We “woke up” in the morning after having no rest and packed all our belongs back into our suitcase and left.

Although nothing happened that night, we were too scared to stay at the same apartment and thankfully my brother had some friends who lived an hour away from the city so we were able to stay with them. I learned a lot from this experience, and one of them is to always check and inspect an apartment or even a hotel room before you decide to stay there. It’s always better safe than sorry, and you never really question the space you’re staying at until its too late. Despite the fact that we had such an awful experience that night, we still enjoyed our vacation the following days while staying with my brother’s friends. Their family made us feel very welcome, and were so empathetic when we had told them what happened had happened in the city.

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