The story the group is about to unfold is about a woman who really values education. Despite hindrances she faced in the past and until now, she continuously stayed strong and embrace faith to chase her ageless dream.

Ms. Dominga Gutilban Caña is 64 years old and currently taking her fourth grade at Bagumbong Elementary School in Caloocan City. He is married to Romeo Caña and she has one child named Ricky. Nanay Dominga's first marriage was not successful but the good thing is that it left her a kind son. Ricky was a graduate of Nautical at Philippine Maritime Institute. Now, he has a fine job in Manila and also has 2 children with his wife. Even though Nanay Engga (nickname) and her son are far from each other, they always find a way to bond and share the moments happened when apart. Also, when nanay Engga lacks financially, her son never declined to lend help and support to the one who toils to provide him proper education and life.

They asked her why she continued studying, and she said, "I felt incomplete, I know that something is missing in my life. But now, I am whole. I can now write a biodata, speak English, and understand English." She never had an opportunity to finish elementary because her auntie only allows her to take grade 1 and 2 as "saling kitkit". They fed, dressed and sheltered her, but never give nanay Dominga a chance to finish elementary. As nanay engga was sharing her life experiences, she cannot cease her tears to fall, and suddenly, our eyes also became teary when she told us how she overcomes all circumstances she had to do just to get in her position.

The group checked her inside the school and in their classroom, nanay Engga is really loved by many that's why she didn't experience bullying or any kind of discrimination. I asked her companion, Pearl Grace, "what is the favorite subject of nanay ennga?" and she said she doesn't have favorites but she excels in all of their subjects. She performs very well in class and often gets the highest grade among them, that's why most of her classmates ask her help and nanay engga is not uncertain to teach them. Aside from her wisdom, she is also generous to children. Whenever they ask for money and food, nanay engga is not hesitant to give them especially when the goods are bounty.

Nanay Engga is also thankful to many people, special mention is, Principal Rivera for accepting her in Bagumbong elementary school, also teachers who openly received her in their class, to her classmates and schoolmates who welcomed and make her feel young and belonged.

Before entering school, she was a former sewer in a big company for more than 17 years. She also worked in Asian footwear and rubber corp. for many years. Because of her labors, money was never an issue before, and it was a big help to raise his son. Now, aside from schooling, nanay engga gives aid and healing to people who seek her help. She can also predict your heartaches and problems physically and emotionally and she's doing it for free. If they gave nanay engga a money as a donation and as a form of thank, she will assure that 10% or a half of the blessing she received will be given back to the Lord God.

Nanay Engga was a sure inspiration to those who are afraid to come back to school because of their age. Nanay Engga is a reminder that education has no age. When you are willing to learn, educators are also willing to help you learn. Do not lose hope. Pursue education whatever your age is and knowledge will be in you.

Now, as a 64-year-old student, turning 65 this 2018, she can proudly say that she's not only a typical person, she is now a woman with education.



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