The Nag to Greatness

I gear myself up with cerebral armor and ambitious plans, feelings of future greatness and the like to resist the current and the lure of the YOLO life. I am confident. Too confident. In the end, I succumbed to the thought of a four-day weekend lasting forever when in truth it just breezed through my complacent self. Hay nako na naman.

I was bubbling up in excitement towards the Friday countdown: this, my friends, WILL NOT be wasted opportunities again, rest assured. Catherine Joyce Brillantes shall make herself great, better the blunt and sharpen the spiked of her multi-colored interests and priorities. Instead, I burst my own bubble (I want to kick that person at the mirror) to days of relentless net-surfing, sleeping, eating, and other evil traps heavily disguised as merry-makings. I am defeated.

Ergo, the mini-holiday is not over yet. Perhaps I can make a 360-degree turn from this (sadly) wont state? The thought has been forever floating in my to-do mental soup. Is it high time to tick it off the list? HECK YES!

It was fun to have partied Japanese style and fill up on umami Japanese food to gastronomical brim, chilled at a tree park, shopped relentlessly (joke, hindi naman, mga kailangan ko naman ‘yun sa buhay) across three malls that are on super sale, karaoke-d to vocal strain and sleepiness, jammed with myself on made up songs on the guitar, and other crummy activities. BUT. They are never, never appropriate things to do if you are studying at a university where you are required to maintain a very good scholastic record, and you dream to achieve success in your tertiary education that will ultimately be pivotal in the realization to your dear life goals. Your occupation is not of those who get taken away by the trends of the time. You are not a mere partygoer to the seemingly blitzy look of the world from an ironically deceitful angle. Seryoso ka dapat sa edukasyon mo; ang oras ay hindi dapat inuubos sa mga bagay na hindi makabuluhan.

You are not also to die from being a rusty mechanical engine that follows routine day in day out, nothing but a piece of machinery without heart. Just don’t overdo the rest and leisure. Those are not the foci of life. They exist as its supplements. Pour your all-out attention to your studies (as you are a student) and do well in school. Socialize and get involved in meaningful gatherings. That ought to be a full life whilst in college, right?

Ayan. I get a nagging from myself again. Shake up, self! Listen to what you have to say to yourself. Hear your truths!

And so I must go. I still have another day left to start from a clean slate. I have to forgive myself (the gravity of the word just shows how hard I am on myself, but really, no; I’m just very hard-headed that I need all the extra push that I can get) for my negligence. I have the next 24 hours to proceed to being great.

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