Day 5 — One-Hour-Per-Day Entrepreneur

When I start doubting my passion, I remind myself that I’m doing this so more kids can benefit from better educated parents.

One hour plan: define MVP features

Reality: weekends are actually pretty hard to find time to work on this since I need to spend time with the girls and hubbie too. Luckily I had one hour waiting time while the girls were in drawing class. I sat in a Starbucks and pulled out my phone, impressed to see how responsive and supportive the SmartMoms community are. I got quite a few answers within 12 hours of my questions. I guess that one’s taken.

I was thinking to have some kind of web forum to start gathering parenting tips/hacks. Then I found a pretty good one already doing very similar things. ParentHacks. And the author has already written one book and another book in the works. She has the minimalist parenting concept that I can’t agree more with. Well, so everything I came up with already had someone working on. I tell myself it actually validates the need and market. Google was not the first one to do search engine. Facebook was not the first one to do social network. All I need to do is to do something better or a bit different. Then what’s the angle? Maybe it’s the social element maybe it’s the rating element.

How I feel: a bit lost at what’s really the next step. Shall I start designing the product or shall I research more and think more about the idea?

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