As we grow older, we are slowly stepping into the world in which our parents always warn us about — The adult world. Remember how sacred and privileged it is when we were small?

“Don’t interrupt, adults are talking.”

“Its an adult thing, you won’t understand.”

The word “adult” was in our young minds as uninterpretable and mature. I used to wonder what is it they are talking about when I were young. The myth of philosophy? Or whether the toys come to life during bedtime?

Every time we were pushed away because it is “The adult world”, we felt frivolous and naive. Eventually we grew fear for this aggressive world, knowing damn well we would have to face it.

On our 18th birthday, our parents and relatives had certainly said this:

“You are an adult now.”

That moment, those words hit us right in the chest. Our heart dropped like a rollercoaster.


We had finally been admitted into the adult world. Nevertheless, we feel miserable. The burden on our shoulder got heavier suddenly. What do we do now?

Days go by. 20th birthday, 21st, 22th…… We learn. We learn how the “adults” adult, we make mistakes, we crumble from time to time, we got hurt. At first, we didn’t know how to cope with grief, anxiety, and distress. However, life goes on, it doesn’t give a fuck what state we are at. Eventually the brutality of life forces us to move on. The indifference of life nurture us to accept and improve.

At this state, we might still be aimless, as if we are floating in middle of nowhere. But trust me, we will see land.

We’ve got to swim for it.

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